storybox [stawr-ee-boks, stohr-ee-boks]
1. coined and created by artist leilani pierson in 2007, for her version of a small book in sculptural form that fits in the palm of a hand. a lidded box that is altered in some way - usually with fibers and containing pages in some form that have words which relate abstractly to one another. poetic in nature. sure to cause minds to think. to wander in journeys unbeknownst to themselves. small. quaint. precious. wild. truthful. fictional. storyfull. join the journey...


storybox. no.1. begin.

by leilani pierson

but we do love to hear slowly

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Samantha Conklin said...

What a fun project! I had just discovered an odd assortment of tin boxes in my desk while spring cleaning and I wasn't sure what to do with them, now they are all awaiting transformation. I posted my first Storybox on my blog: and will be following along each week.