storybox [stawr-ee-boks, stohr-ee-boks]
1. coined and created by artist leilani pierson in 2007, for her version of a small book in sculptural form that fits in the palm of a hand. a lidded box that is altered in some way - usually with fibers and containing pages in some form that have words which relate abstractly to one another. poetic in nature. sure to cause minds to think. to wander in journeys unbeknownst to themselves. small. quaint. precious. wild. truthful. fictional. storyfull. join the journey...


storybox. no.4




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Samantha Conklin said...

I love how you incorporated sandwich bag clips into your accordion folded page. Your work always looks so effortless and natural, so poetic. I can tell you find joy in the process. Creating these storyboxes has really helped me turn off the thinking and worrying about the outcome and just enjoy working with the materials. I'm a couple days late on posting my storybox, but it is up on my blog now.

studioGypsy said...

thanks so much for the sweet words, samantha! so encouraging and lovely... and so so happy this project has helped you to play a little more messily! :P xo